The Loma LED Cord Hung Pendant Light

For those enamored with the latest styles and newest technologies, the Loma unites LED components with a curved, playful shape. As the ideal avenue for color, the Loma’s shade can feature two different finishes for its interior and exterior. These elevated looks are achieved with a copper or brass shade, which can be coated with a powder coat finish for an unexpected, truly unique style.

This eye-catching design is reinforced with meticulous craftsmanship and high-performance LED technology. By incorporating the LEDs directly into the Loma’s structure, Barn Light maximizes its potential output and efficiency. The Loma’s LED components offer 36,000 continuous hours of light while consuming very little electricity. Up to 4,000 lumens and multiple color temperatures ensure every space receives its perfect touches of light. View More Details »

Parabolic Linear 12-Light Chandelier

Classic yet contemporary, the Parabolic Linear 12-Light Chandelier features a striking yet straightforward appearance. Affixing twelve round shades, crafted entirely by hand, to a simple metal structure, the Parabolic Linear offers a versatile design that complements the very latest styles and more traditionally decorated spaces. All of the chandelier’s shades can be rotated to face upwards or towards the ground or can alternate for a playful appearance.

Multiple finish options available — a diverse array of powder coat colors, along with refined copper and brass — determines the Parabolic Linear’s sense of style. View More Details »

Mig Multi-Light Pendant

Upcycling the tops of retired acetylene tanks as pendants, the Mig provides homes and businesses with an authentic industrial character. Clustered together, these pendants function as a creative, eye-catching focal point. This ceiling light’s rugged charm appeals to both contemporary and traditional décors, which lets any setting embrace a heightened aesthetic.

An abundance of finish options —porcelain, powder coat, and a retro spray finish — gives this fixture a unique appearance, one that perfectly matches any space’s sense of style.  View More Details »