Lucent Lights Up Armani Hotel in Dubai

Known for their ProSpex range of architectural specification grade lighting fixtures, Lucent’s ProSpex® 100 and Soft 50 downlights were used on the impressive entrance of the Armani Hotel in Dubai designed by NYC architectural lighting design firm, Fisher Marantz Stone.

Collaborating with lighting designers globally for over 25 years has enabled Lucent to become a choice manufacturer and problem solver for many prestigious projects throughout the world.

The ProSpex and ProSpex Plus ranges offer integrated recessed lighting with architectural design. These revolutionary downlights incorporate sophisticated control mechanisms providing a new level of installation techniques and effortless adjustment for most architectural spaces. The ProSpex Spotlight range of track and surface mount spotlights come with a wide selection of LED solutions for retail and gallery spaces.

Lucent products have been tested in several key territories and carry the appropriate requisite safety standards.

The ProSpex® 100 downlights are fixed and adjustable with a specular darklight cone reflector. For a range of LED, low voltage and metal halide light sources including Lucent’s own brand LED50 and Xicato modules can be used. Adjustable fixtures feature gear driven vertical adjustment, and hot aiming simplifies focusing while lamp is on.

For a seamless appearance, the ProSpex® Soft Trimless is a wide range of soft trimless downlights for plaster in installations. For a range of LED, low voltage and metal halide light sources including Lucent own brand LED35, LED50, LED70 and Xicato higher output modules, are available in fixed and adjustable variants.

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