Big Things Come in Lumenture Packages

Lumenture Packs a Punch with Mini RM35 Recessed Multiples

Visiting from Monroe, CT, Lumenture was one of the highlights of the Grand Ballroom at LEDucation 2022. Lumenture President James Leahy and VP of Sales Peter Colman drew some crowds with their enthusiastic demos and fun “lumen adventure” swag.

They made a big splash with their itty-bitty multiples. Mini RM35 Recessed Multiples pack a punch from discreet 1.5 inch apertures. Powerful LEDs and high-quality optics deliver approximately 500 lm per head, while the cone-shaped trims prevent glare.

We were struck by the neat, closed pan and knife-edge micro-flange options: they give you all the aiming flexibility with a cleaner, quieter ceiling.

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